The Rise And Fall Of Prank Channels On YouTube

Prank channels used to be some of the most popular channels on all of YouTube, but in the past year that has changed. The controversy around these prank channels have slowly made them die out, thus leaving a big gap in the market for a new prank channel to start making videos. If you want to make a prank channel of your very own, it would be wise to learn from the previous popular channels. You should learn what they did right and what they did wrong, to avoid going down the same path as they did. To get started as a prank channel on YouTube, you’ll have to buy YouTube views. This is the only fail-proof way of guaranteeing that your videos will gain traction and attract real viewers.

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Once your videos have gained enough popularity, you’ll no longer need to buy YouTube views, but it’s definitely something that you need to do in order to get started on YouTube. The first thing you need to know about pranks on YouTube is that 99% of them are fake and use actors. There are pros and cons to going this route. If your prank involves inconveniencing someone for example, it would be better to use actors instead of actually ruining someone’s day. The problem with using actors, however, is that it’s very easy for people to realise that it is fake due to bad acting, unrealistic reactions and so forth. Another downside is that the people who don’t realise your prank is staged can get angry at the content of the prank itself. Take the Sam Pepper controversy for example. In one of his prank videos, Sam ‘pranked’ two friends by kidnapping them and shooting one in the head in front of the other. The one getting shot was obviously in on the joke and had not really been shot, but to his blindfolded friend this wasn’t apparent. Many people criticized this prank saying that it had gone too far and that even if the victim found out it had been fake afterwards, it could still lead to PTSD. When Pepper admitted that the prank was staged, a whole new group of people were angry that they were being given fake pranks.

This is why the content of your prank is so important. Any prank that could cause controversy is best avoided in most cases, as seen with Sam Pepper. After this prank (as well as another prank that was compared to sexual assault) his channel went into a decline and he no longer gets work. Many popular YouTubers have contributed to the downfall of popular prank channels by openly criticizing the fakeness of it. One channel, PrankInvasion, is a classic example of a fake ‘prank channel’. The presenter goes out and makes out with different girls by tricking them. Many have pointed out that this doesn’t even count as pranking. Be sure that you prank channel does not fall into this category.