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How to afford more luxury online and what to buy

Pre-2009 – remember that date. Because if you know your stuff, it could be ingrained in your memory for the rest of your life. If you are good at history, you will remember that date too. Because even now, that date is being recalled as an historic event. Names have been given to it. Most folks from all walks of life have simply labeled it the ‘financial crisis’.

Today, that epochal and somewhat tragic event in our recent history has been cheekily relabeled as ‘the Great Recession’. If you are good at history, then you will know that this is a reference to a much earlier and more harrowing time, going so far back it was even before your folks were born. That’s how long ago. Ask the old folks that were around that time and they will tell you that it really was quite depressing.

There definitely was no space for luxury items back then. But as the years rolled on, there still wasn’t. Luxuries today still remain heavily expensive. Is it any wonder then that luxury malls are experiencing far less foot traffic? People of today have vivid recollections of the recent financial crisis and are not prepared to repeat the mistakes of the past. No more time for luxuries. Time to be sensible and pay off the debts and only spend on things we really need. Says who?

There’s another reason why those luxury malls are standing empty. The internet caught up with them. Today, it has passed them completely by. And even if they decide to jump on the internet shopping bandwagon, the malls are still playing catch up. Because how on earth can they compete with the prices seen in online aisles like those found in online spaces like Not that you are, but don’t waste your time at the mall.

Spend more time online. This is how you get to afford more luxury items that you could not afford before. The specialist online dealers of luxury goods, like watches, jewelry, leather handbags, wallets, purses and boots, have driven prices down so ridiculously that even you can afford them. It is not so much a case of having to survive in a highly competitive environment; it is more a case of keeping up with the demand. Check online financial news and you will soon learn that the demand for luxury goods has not really abated.

Word got around among savvy online shoppers that it became affordable to prize themselves with luxury goods they could afford. And now you can too. But that does not mean you must max out as they say. You still need to be sensible and realistic. You still need to budget and prioritize. But when you do budget well, you will soon find that you can afford those luxury goods you have just seen online.

Who knows what comes next in this day and age of the Internet of ThingsĀ…