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The strange and unfamiliar carrageenan

Up until today, many of you reading this note had never heard of this strangely unfamiliar noun. You have to be honest. To be quite honest with you, neither did we. Fortunately, we were tasked with putting together information on what carrageenan is. So as is quite natural in our line of work, we rolled up our sleeves and got on with our research and reading before coming up with this delivery. And here is what we found out. Carrageen is a food ingredient that has a number of uses. Today, it is used as a vegan alternative to gelatin whilst setting desserts or preserving food flavors.

Gelatin, of course, is derived from animal products. But on the whole, carrageenan is used to retain the moisture in most cooked or processed meats. It suspends chocolate and other flavored ingredients such as strawberries, helping to prevent the ingredients from separating from the main body of milk. Food stays familiarly tasty for longer by blending in carrageenan. Carrageen is harvested entirely naturally and organically. It is extracted from a certain type of red seaweed. This is done by a process of boiling in a gentle, non-acidic broth.


It is then filtered through. And after that it is ground into a fine powder, rendering it ready for use in commercial food production. It must also be borne in mind that people have been using this ingredient as a natural flavorant for hundreds of years, never mind adding seaweed directly to culturally affiliated dishes. There is a body of science that continues to debate whether the use of carrageenan is safe. If it is derived directly and naturally from seaweed which has already been declared to be extremely beneficial to the human body and to the natural environment, why could it not be?

We would like to talk a bit more on carrageen’s natural source, if we may. Seaweed is without a doubt good for the human body. It is therefore good for consumption any which way, provided, of course, if it is processed organically. Not only is seaweed good for human consumption, it is extremely good for the environment. This is important in light of the seriousness of global warming and climate change today. Seaweed is known to absorb harmful carbons on our behalf. It is also good for cleansing the ocean’s waters.

It does this by cleansing it of phosphorous and nitrogen. In light of the fact that seaweed has been harvested for hundreds of years and the growing demand of this natural product today, what better way for bereaved fishing communities to stave off hunger and continue to earn a decent living. They would not have to relocate to areas where there can be no guarantee where they will find sustainable jobs. They can simply stay put and start up their own new businesses. While they profit and the rest of the world does too, the oceans fishing stock can be given a chance to grow once more.